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“Alex Takes Care of a Lake”: A Children’s book about Aquatic Invasive Species

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 “Alex Takes Care of a Lake” is a creative work designed, written and illustrated by Joanne Diglio, a local children’s author, illustrator and teacher, and Pat Rector,  a county Environmental and Resource Management Agent.


One day a curious boy named Alex is kayaking on a lake when he comes across a water chestnut, an aquatic invasive species.  After learning about the harm aquatic invasive species cause nature, he decides to help take care of the environment.


This creative work educates children about the harm aquatic invasive species cause nature, how they are detrimental to a well-balanced ecosystem and how they can be managed.

This is the story of a curious boy who goes kayaking with his dad and asks questions, teaches about aquatic invasive species, ecology of lakes and the environment.  The curious boy learns what he can do to help and takes action.

Beautiful watercolor illustrations are included with the text.


  • “Alex Takes Care of a Lake” is an easy to understand, fun way to teach children about ecology, lakes and specifically about aquatic invasive species and the harm they cause nature.
  • The book also covers plants such as water chestnuts and water lettuce; lake systems, zones and ecosystems and New Jersey Lake Hopatcong State Park.

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