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Dental Assisting Textbook

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Dr. Vaishali Singhal, DMD, M.S.
Dr. Singhal is the Interim Program Director of the Rutgers University, School of Health Related Professions (SHRP), Department of Allied Dental Education (ADE) and a faculty member at the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (RSDM). Dr. Singhal has written more than 10 peer-reviewed journal publications, co-authored a textbook and is currently co-authoring a second. She serves on three journal editorial boards, and has delivered 10+ conference and meeting presentations. Dr. Singhal received her Doctorate in Dental Medicine from RSDM and received a Master’s in Health Systems from SHP and is currently a doctoral candidate in the SHP Health Sciences Program. She teaches Dental Radiology, Applied Pharmacology, Medical Emergencies, Nitrous Oxide Sedation, Local Anesthesia, Practice Management, Dentistry in the Community and Ethics. Dr. Singhal also treats patients at the faculty practice located on the Scotch Plains, NJ campus of SHRP.
Susan L. Kantz, CDA
Susan L. Kantz is and author and educator who has been teaching dental assistants and hygienists for over 20 years. Susan is currently teaching dental assisting and hygiene at Ivy Tech Community College in Anderson Indiana.
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A comprehensive text book that prepares aspiring dental assistants for successful careers. The book provides a complete foundation in the basic and advanced skills required for clinical competence.

A series of 37 lessons that flow easily from one topic to the next and match the order in which the material is taught.

Each lesson includes a table of dental terms, a list of lesson objectives and review questions that reinforce each objective. A consistent set of additional sections or Special Features for lessons, when the features apply.

Level: The book is for use in dental assisting courses and programs taught in high schools, vocational schools, colleges and universities.

Delivery: This is a comprehensive text book best suited for delivery in hard cover or in multiple soft cover volumes. The book can also be available in digital e-book format. The lesson orientation of the book may make it a candidate for delivery/use with online learning platforms.

Special Features: Each lesson includes the following:

  • An Objective: A list of between 3 and 12 learning objectives.
  • Table of Dental Terms: Terminology used in the lesson that includes a definition as well as phonetics to help students pronounce the words.
  • Review Questions: One or two review questions for each of the lessons objectives.

Other sections, if they apply:

  • Patient Dialog: Provides a sample dialog between the patient and dental assistant that demonstrates the type of communication expected and appropriate for the topic. For example, a dialog that demonstrates how a dental assistant would explain to a patient what to expect about an upcoming procedure.
  • Professional Encounter: Case studies that describe real world experiences. This make the lesson more real keeps the reader’s attention.
  • Infection Control: Information about controlling infections for procedures that pose potential risk of infection for the patient, dental team or community.
  • Safety: A section that emphasizes the importance of following OSHA standards, and provides common-sense information about safety for the patient and the dental team.
  • Osha: A special icon that identifies information that is an Osha requirement.
  • HIPAA: A special icon that identifies information that is a a HIPAA requirement.

Additional Instructional Resources

Does not require additional instructional resources.  The review questions at the end of each chapter mean that a separate workbook is not necessary. However, the authors are open to the idea of creating a workbook and additional resources such as videos, games/puzzles, mobile apps to go along with the book in the future.


  • Comprehensive, covering all subjects taught in a dental assisting program. Chapters of the book are more detailed than other similar books.
  • Enables educators to use a single text book to teach an entire dental assisting course.
  • Each lesson’s author is an expert in the subject area, unlike most existing Dental Assisting Text Books.
  • A completely new book that brings a fresh perspective to current dental assisting techniques and practices.
  • Lessons include full-color photographs, tables, figures and clear, step-by-step instructions make it easy for students to learn dental assisting procedures.


  • In the United States, approximately 310,000 employed dental assistant and there are 360 dental assisting programs, 273 CODA-accredited.
  • 7,397 individuals enrolled in CODA-accredited dental assisting programs in 2015.
  • The dental assistant workforce is expected to grow 25% from 2012 to 2022”, much faster than other occupations.