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Eating Healthier with Tooth Loss

Technology #2022-025

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Eating Healthier with Tooth Loss
Rena Zelig
Dr. Rena Zelig is a registered dietitian nutritionist, board certified specialist in gerontological nutrition, and a certified diabetes educator with almost 15 years of experience providing nutrition care to older adults in a variety of settings. She is an Assistant Professor at Rutgers School of Health Professions and Director of the Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition program. Additionally, she is Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, where she teaches nutrition, provides care in the adult clinics and supervises dental students in their clinical nutrition competencies. Her primary research has been in the area of gerontological nutrition and oral health, exploring the associations between dentition status, nutritional status and the eating experience in older adults.
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For older adults with missing teeth, it can be difficult to eat healthy. They may have trouble chewing harder-to eat foods or may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed eating with friends and family because of their missing teeth.

Under a grant from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation, Dr. Rena Zelig utilized a user centered approach to develop an evidence-based diet education brochure, which provides dietary guidance for older adults with tooth loss. This brochure was developed based on the findings from qualitative research (patient interviews), stakeholder panel discussions with older adults with tooth loss, and oral health care professionals.  It has been field‐tested in the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine clinics and was revised based on feedback at every step.

This brochure can be provided to patients in dental clinics or other settings free of charge.


·  Complete brochure available for immediate use in dental clinics (or other settings)

·  Free of charge