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Arkham Patients’ Psychology AP Study Resource

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Dr. Anthony M. Tobia, MD
Dr. Anthony Tobia, MD is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Rutgers University. He is involved in quality improvement and scholarly projects with the psychiatry residents at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School as well as independent projects and independently designed electives for medical students; Capstone projects for Masters students at the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences; and Capstone projects for undergraduate students in the College of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rutgers University. His interests include innovative curriculum development, use of popular culture to teach, and psychosomatic medicine.
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Saad Arshad
Saad has a Masters in Biomedical Sciences and Bachelors in CS from Rutgers University
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Is Anakin Skywalker suffering from borderline personality disorder?
Psychiatry Research, Volume 185, Issues 1–2, 30 January 2011, Page 299
Rethinking Asperger's: Understanding the DSM-5 Diagnosis by Introducing Sheldon Cooper
Journal of Communication Disorders, Deaf Studies & Hearing Aids, Dec 31, 2015, Volume 3, Issue 4
Psy-feld: An Innovative Didactic Using the TV Show Seinfeld to Teach Delusional Disorder Subtypes.
Academic Psychiatry, August 2015, Volume 39, Issue 4, pp 482–486

Psychiatrists at Rutgers University have created a unique educational resource for use in promoting and teaching Psychology at a high school level.  In particular, the “Arkham Patients’ (Ark) Psychology” curriculum provides a unique program that promotes participation in Advanced Placement (“AP”) Psychology courses by providing a fun and engaging means to draw students into the material while maintaining a high educational standard.  The resource brings the AP material to life by utilizing scenes from the Batman film series as case studies to illustrate the topics covered in the AP Psychology course curriculum.


The Arkham Patients’ Psychology follows the CollegeBoard’s AP Psychology outline[1] and provides a series of links to specific scenes in the Batman film series. Each of the fourteen items in the curriculum outline is linked to individual content for the topic area; the content includes:

  • Statement of goals and objectives.

  • An overview of the topic area.

  • Synopsis of a relevant scene from the Batman film that relates to the topic.
  • A time stamp into the film to identify the scene for viewing.


  • Vetted by educators and other reviewers and amended based on feedback.
  • Provides a new type of resource that complements existing class materials and existing AP Psychology study materials, class books, and guides.
  • Encourages students in their study of AP Psychology using interesting, relatable and engaging film content.
  •  A proven methodology which has been in use for many years by the primary author for classes in psychopathology and psychiatry at the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

Market Information: According to Collegboard [2], in 2016:

  • AP Psychology was taught in 8,478 High Schools

  • 293,350 Students enrolled in AP Psychology courses (a 6% increase over 2015)
  • In 2016, 35.8% of the students taking the AP Psychology exam did not pass (e.g., grade of 1 or 2) and 19.1% received a minimum grade of 3.

Intellectual Property & Development Status:

Available through license or distribution agreement.

For information about commercial licenses contact:  Andrea Dick