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Nitrous Oxide Sedation for the Dental Team

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Dr. Vaishali Singhal, DMD, M.S.
Dr. Vaishali Singhal, DMD, M.S. serves as an Associate Professor and Program Director for Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences at Rutgers School of Health Professions (SHP) and as Associate Professor at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (RSDM). She is a recipient of the SHP Excellence in Teaching Award (2008). Dr. Singhal has written more than 10 peer-reviewed journal publications, and has co-authored two textbooks. She serves on three journal editorial boards, and has delivered 10+ conference and meeting presentations. Dr. Singhal received her Doctorate in Dental Medicine from the UMDNJ and received a Master of Science in Health Sciences from SHP. She is currently in the process of completing a Ph.D. in Health Sciences with a specialization in education. She teaches Nitrous Oxide Sedation as well as Practice Management, Dentistry in the Community and Ethics. Dr. Singhal also treats patients at the faculty practice located in Newark, NJ at the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine.
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Andrea Dick
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Summary:  Nitrous Oxide Sedation for the Dental Team DVD is an instructional video for dental practitioners such as dental hygienists, assistants, dentists and students.  The DVD teaches and demonstrates how to administer and monitor a patient who has been sedated with nitrous oxide (N2O).

Video Content: Dr. Vaishali Singhal created the N2O sedation DVD in response to a lack of supplemental educational material about nitrous oxide sedation monitoring

The 21-minute video demonstrates the parts and use of an N2O machine and provides information about different N2O administration machines.  A step-by-step administration scenario with narration provides a demonstration of a realistic administration and monitoring session. In addition, the video covers topics such as pre-op preparation, indications for use, contraindications for use, titration-time technique and patient management.

Market Information:  The target market for the N2O sedation DVD is publishers of educational and study materials for dental practitioners. Dental hygiene and dental assisting are popular careers with a considerable number of colleges and universities graduating students.  Examples of this are the following: 

  • There are over 336 educational institutions in the United States that provide bachelor, masters or doctoral degrees for dental hygienist and over 273 for dental assistants
  • More than 6,700 dental hygienists and 5,700 dental assistants graduate annually.
  • Currently 35 states in the US allow dental assistants to perform nitrous oxide sedation monitoring and 32 states allow dental assistants to monitor nitrous oxide sedation.
  • Dental hygiene and assistant careers are also popular internationally.

The video content on the DVD is also relevant for practicing hygienists and assistants studying for new certification or re-certification.


  • The N2O sedation video reinforces classroom studies as a companion to the in person, online classes and text books.
  • The length of the video benefits viewers keeping their attention.

Uses for the video include:

  • As a companion for dental, medical or N2O sedation text books or from N2O sedation equipment vendors.
  • Video streaming for online dental training and education.
  • For purchase from online dental education websites.
  • Internationally, in countries that allow hygienists and practitioners to perform or monitor N2O sedation.

The N2O sedation DVD is proven to be useful for nitrous oxide sedation training having sold over 250 copies across multiple states in the US.

Intellectual Property & Development Status:

Available through license or distribution agreement.

For information about commercial licenses contact:  Dan Benderly